About Volition Bags

We are here for you and because of you.

Our company believes in continuously pursuing excellence.  We do not limit ourselves to our own standards, because we chose to excel and break the industry standards.  We chose to be the best for you.  We will not be happy if you are not happy.  We are here because you deserve the best.  How can the best be delivered?  By providing you affordability and luxury which equals value.  Since you value our products, then we chose to value you, our customer.

We believe supreme quality should be instilled in both customer service and the product.  Not one or the other.  There is nothing worse than companies who deliver a good product but provide poor service.  Or the opposite, where companies provide good service but deliver a poor product.  We believe that combining both high quality customer service with high quality products will surpass customer satisfaction.

Our backpacks are made from high quality leather, with different ranges of affordability. Full grain leather, top grain leather, to genuine leather quality allows you to choose what is affordable for you.  We maintain the choices of luxury combined with affordability to provide you the freedom to choose.

You carry personal belongings that mean the most to you wherever you go, whether it be demands of a business meeting, appointments, interviews, to and from school, in between classes, or traveling to your dream vacation.  You cherish your belongings because you’ve worked hard for them.  A cellphone and its accessories cost much more than they did 10 years ago.  Laptops, iPads, and tablets have become a necessity in our lives now.  We know you need these things as you go out and conquer your goals.  We provide you with a classy, luxury means in carrying your personal belongings.   We know of no other way, than using nature’s most durable and beautiful leathers.

When you choose your affordable luxury bag, essentially you use your own free will, providing yourself with value.

Volition defined as “the power of using one’s will; the power to choose.”  We know how gratifying it feels to make our own choices especially when the decision resulted in success. We share that gratifying power with you, our valued customer.

How free do you feel when you make your own choices?

 Blue hawk with open wings soaring depicting its own free will

 Like an eagle soaring anywhere it chooses over a vast forest? 

Be free in choosing value to your life through luxury in an affordable way.  You deserve it!  Don't you? 

Everyday have that freedom to express luxury on your back!

Please say hello!

Email us at: info@volitionbags.com.

Call us at: 314 455 7480

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Volition Bags
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We operate from Albuquerque, NM to serve the entire USA.  In the future, it will be our mission to grow Internationally. 


Thank you for visiting us!!!