Frequently Asked Questions

Why Volition Bags?

  • We have a choice in life, and we can use our free will to make choices. In today’s world, we are starting to carry belongings with us everywhere we go.  Our laptops, iPads, extra battery charges, water bottles, etc go with us everywhere.  Why not carry those personal belongings in luxury?  Leather adds a luxurious look rather than cotton.  Leather has been around for many years and will last because of its natural durability.  So why not? Have the power to express luxury wherever you go!

What makes your service standout from the others?

  • We combine both a luxury product with outstanding customer service.
  • Our philosophy here at Volition Bags is that in our personal lives, we would rather return to businesses that had outstanding customer service even if their product wasn’t that great. We would go back and spend our hard-earned money because the service was good rather than go to a business with a great product but horrible customer service!  Would you buy a great product from a rude, salesman that didn’t care about you?

Which bag do you recommend?

  • Currently we are extremely focused on keeping your choices simple and effective. We value peoples’ choices and understand people have different needs compared to others.
  • We believe you should purchase the bag you can afford based on your current situation.

Can I make a suggestion?

  • Yes, please do! After our team reviews it, we will make recommendations on how to improve and may integrate your suggestion.  Contact us at with your feedback.

What quality of leather do you use?

  • We use full grain, top grain, genuine, and crazy horse leather.
  • Crazy horse leather is a full grain leather. The difference is that a special wax is buffed into the full grain leather to add water repellency and durability. It changes the natural hue of the full grain to give it a rich and plush luxurious look that will continue to look better through more use.