Volition Bags are meticulously hand crafted by our detail, oriented manufacturer.  It is very important to us and our mission to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

Three years from the date of your purchase, Volition Bags will repair or replace your item at our cost if there are any defects in either material or craftsmanship.  In the unlikely event a defect occurs, please immediately contact us at support@volitionbags.com.  We will guide you in our return process.

Our warranty does not cover any damage incurred through personal use or from belongings stored inside the bag.  Unfortunately, we cannot cover “normal wear and tear.”

We promise to give you a quality product.

We will fulfill that promise.

If it can't be repaired, we will replace it as promised.

We will return your repaired bag within six to eight weeks.

As a natural product, leather possesses individual markings, scratches, scars or different colors that are unique from the hides they originated from.  Over the course of time you will see these individual characteristics change and develop into a unique and distinctive appearance that no other bag will look the same.  These are not manufacturer defects.

Manufacturer defects are stitching, zippers, rivets, or hardware pieces not working properly or separating.

Based on the availability of parts and materials, leather materials used at the original time of manufacturing can differ from the current hides being used.  Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee the repairs will look like your original bag.  We will definitely match the materials as best as we can.